What we do to keep the CO2 emissions of your order and us as a company as low as possible:

We not only sell sustainable products, but also try to keep our footprint as a company as small as possible. Please read below what we are already doing to be as sustainable as possible as a company.

  • Lill's as a company is CO2-neutral thanks to an annual CO2 compensation through Primaklima e.V. Primaklima plants new mixed forests with native tree species and supports environmental projects worldwide.
  • All products in our range are sustainable. Outside and inside.
  • We ship CO2-neutrally with DHL GoGreen.
  • Our packaging material is plastic-free and consists mainly of recycled materials.
  • We reuse cardboard boxes and packaging material that we receive from our suppliers in order to reduce the consumption of new packaging and paper waste.
  • We refrain from printing your invoice in your package and instead send it to you by email. The delivery note in your package is printed on recycled paper.
  • Thanks to our "green" customers, our return rate is below 1%!
  • Returns are not destroyed! Goods returned to us that can no longer be sold as "new" are offered as B-goods or being donated.
  • Our supply chain is “green” because our suppliers also value our environment. We always get the goods as "close" as possible in order to avoid long transport routes.
  • Our shop system is climate neutral. By supporting a UN climate protection project, Shopware promotes the reforestation of eucalyptus forests in Uruguay and thus compensates for CO2 emissions.
  • In cooperation with Yook, we support climate compensation for online shopping in order to protect the environment. For every order we make a contribution to the climate. In the shopping cart you can choose to contribute 1% of your order for climate protection.

What you can do to keep the CO2 emissions of your order as low as possible:

  • Avoid returns. Contact us if you are unsure about a product!
  • Order as many products as possible together instead of several times individually.
  • Forgot something? Contact us, as long as we have not yet dispatched your first order, we will be happy to add other products to your package and thus avoid sending an extra package.
  • Delivery address: If you cannot be sure that someone will always be available, issue a parking permit so that the parcel carrier does not have to drive twice or you do not have to drive to the packing station or the post office ..
  • Check your delivery address. Small rotations in the postcode or house number can mean that your package is not delivered and sent back to us. Two modes of transport that are easy to avoid if you take a moment to check your delivery address.
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Before a product arrives at your doorstep it has already come a long way. Material sourcing, production, transport and shipping: these are the main factors that make up the carbon footprint of this product.

In our store you can reduce the carbon footprint of your order and support selected climate protection projects.

Together we act against climate change!

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